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Go to BSA Summer Camp for $100?

Content added by Mike Walton

Image of Scout Summer Camp

Photo of Scout summer camp (provided by Mike Walton)

Here's a GREAT opportunity for 14 year old and older Lone Scouts to attend Summer Camp for a really, really low price! The lowest I've ever paid for a week of camp was $110 back in the 70s.

Normally, the camp runs $500 a week; but 800 Scouts will have the opportunity to have a week of summer camp for $40.

(Yes, I typed "fourty dollars"). This is limited to 800 Scouts so if your Lone Scout is 14 or older, this would be GREAT (you would have to arrange for transportation to and from the Charleston, West Virginia airport or the AMTRAK train station)

Here's where you can get more information:

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